It’s fair to say I am a self-confessed “all things human” geek!
Why people do what they do, how we achieve amazing things, or let it slip, I find fascinating.

I have experienced highs in my professional life, and certainly know what “low” feels like through chronic stress and burn out. It is very hard to be effective if we don’t have a strong sense of ourselves, our state, and how to navigate different levels of adversity. I now live intentionally to ensure my own foundations are stronger to enjoy life. 

My perspective comes from lived experience, and the understanding the landscape of business and the corporate environment, layered with how this applies to our nervous system and the affects of the brain and body.

I originally grew up on the western plains of NSW on the family farm. My parents and family helped me develop values which have served me well. 

I am a curious, empathetic, and compassionate human. I also love a laugh along the way! 


  • Certified Advanced Instructor in Functional Breathing
  • Certification in Self-Regulation
  • Certified Resilience Coach
  • IECL Coach
Andrew Gemmell

Andrew Gemmell

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