“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”

Pablo Picasso

Stress & Energy Management

Understanding what stress is and what the stress response can do are important foundations to begin managing stress. Distinguishing between chronic stress, distress, eustress, and those states in between, form the basis of building self-awareness.

Stress can help us grow, and become stronger and more knowledgeable. We have an opportunity to use moments of stress to build the foundations for conditioning, adaptation, and creating the right foundations.

Equally, if we consistently lose our sense of control, or cognitive functioning, and have poor energy management this can lead to chronic stress. We look at how we can manage these moments and reduce the risks to health and people’s experience of work.


  • Education sessions – “Lunch & Learn” format.
  • Small group training program – continuous micro learning and virtual coaching.
  • 1:1 stress, sleep & recovery coaching for executives*.          *The effects stress can have on the individual at this level permeate to their broader relationships and responsibilities, that come with leadership.

DOWNLOAD – Learn to Understand and Manage Stress

Executive Wellbeing

Wellbeing is a very subjective topic, and differs from one person to another, and one from point in time to the next. As an accredited facilitator with the Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey, we can create a picture of where you are, what needs attention and how you might achieve that.

Ideal for executives who are looking for more clarity in their life when it comes to the overall picture of their life and wellbeing. This ultimately leads to higher awareness and appreciation of the wellbeing landscape. Flow on effects can include taking a more strategic view of the wellbeing landscape within the business.


  • Executive level survey assessment (includes 90 minute debrief and conversation).
  • Ongoing wellbeing coaching and design optional.

DOWNLOAD – Overview of GLWS & Sample report

Resilience & Mental Fitness

Resilience can be misunderstood and often has a narrow definition, conceptualised as “bouncing back”. Many people reduce resilience down to these “innate” resilience qualities people may have, or not.

Our approach to resilience helps people think in different ways to develop a healthier mind and improved problem solving skills. 

We refer to this as a form of mental fitness. Teams will build a common understanding of skills they can apply either together or as an individual.

  • Education sessions – “Lunch & Learn” format
  • Small group training program – continuous micro learning and virtual coaching. 
  • 1:1 executive coaching

Note: The stress and resilience/mental fitness programs are NOT designed as a solution, on their own, in particular environments. If persistent environmental factors, such as unrealistic job demands vs resources, exhaustive timeframes or cultural challenges are identified, the organisation may require a broader systemic and structural review to develop resilience.

DOWNLOAD – Developing Mental Fitness & Resilience

Breath Coaching

Applying the foundations of functional breathing we explore how this applies to energy, managing stress, building resilience, adaptation, and overall improved physiological and psychological outcomes.

We look at biochemistry, biomechanics and resonance related elements which all influence us as humans.

Breathing can have a significant effect on executive and cognitive performance.


  • Education sessions – “Lunch & Learn” format
  • Group workshops 
  • 1:1 coaching is dispersed though wellbeing, stress management and resilience programs

DOWNLOAD – Functional Breathing for Health, Performance and Adaptation

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